It seems like yesterday when ThemeIsle started to talk about going to WordCamp Europe this year, and now it’s already over. Wow! We all left Vienna with such great memories and amazing moments that will never be forgotten! A week ago we were writing previews, and now it’s time for conclusions. So why was WCEU so amazing for us? Because we didn’t just attend the event. Do you remember the emerald t-shirts, spread all over the venue? Well, we were wearing them too because we were part of the crew that helped the organizing team make WordCamp Europe unforgettable. In other words, we were happy to volunteer and contribute as much as we could. But let’s take it one step at a time: Speakers Dinner Being part of the volunteers team, we had access to the Speakers Dinner that took place the night before WCEU started. The party was held on a beautiful terrace, with a lot of green and a really nice vibe: The Speakers Dinner was a blast! The perfect occasion for the volunteers, the crew and the speakers to get together for talks, delicious food, laughter, and great stories. The moment we arrived, we made friends and had funny and interesting conversations. We shared the
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