Do you use hooks to customize Jetpack’s default behaviour? Are you a fan of our Hook of the Month series? Then you’ll love our new code reference! If you follow this blog, you already know that Jetpack is very flexible. You can use actions and filters to customize most Jetpack features, change default options, or extend each module. If you don’t feel comfortable editing code, our support team is here to help you: we document some filters in our support documentation, we publish a lot of code snippets on this very blog, and you can of course always contact us for help, or post in the public support forums. However, until now there was no central place to look for documentation about a specific Jetpack hook. Enter our new site:! We created to help you search for Jetpack hooks and learn how they work. For each hook, you’ll be able to discover the parameters you can use, as well as some examples for a lot of the hooks! Looking for an example? You could search for the jetpack_open_graph_tags filter: We hope that you like the new Jetpack Developer site. As always,
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