We’ve talked before about some of the architecture we use to back up hundreds of thousands of websites and databases using FTP, SFTP, SSH and MySQL, but many of our customers have opted for the simplicity of our new WordPress plugin. In keeping with our other behind the scenes posts, we wanted to share a bit more about the technical aspects of the solution for those that are curious. At a high level, the CodeGuard plugin performs daily or on-demand backups of your WordPress installation and database. The backup is stored in a redundant storage system that we maintain. That means that core files, posts, plugins, media, configuration, etc. are all securely stored off-site. Backup management can all be done through our simple, friendly dashboard and, since we control the storage, CodeGuard can perform additional verification and analysis of the backup contents to ensure that backups are complete and accurate. We’ve worked extremely hard to make the experience of installing and using our plugin as simple as possible. This customer-facing simplicity and convenience are achieved by leveraging some of the existing CodeGuard architecture and a few new services that were purpose-built
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