I remember a time when compressing images on this blog used to be free. Thanks to developer of the Smush.it plugin, we got very spoiled and became used to free image compression. In the last few months, everything we know about free image compression has changed. Now, most of the WordPress plugins which are available online offer a small quota of free compressions & then you have to pay. So in this post, I though it would be a good idea to look at all the existing image compression tools out there (free & paid). Those who have a small or medium sized WordPress blog can use multiple WordPress plugins to optimize all of their existing/future uploads for free. It might be time-consuming, but I know that when you are starting out, money is more important than time. For those who have a medium sized or a large blog, you may want to consider going for a paid option. This will help you load your blog faster & will keep your readers happy. Here’s the formula: Happy readers = Good blog = Better ranking = More money That’s a good formula, but let’s get down to the real business. Here are some of the best image compression WordPress plugins. (Like always, I will try
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