WordPress security is not just about installing a WordPress security plugin and configuring a WordPress firewall. And even you have have installed a WordPress audit trail plugin, to keep a record of every change that takes place on WordPress, that might not be enough. In all fairness if your WordPress website is running on a shared or managed hosting service there is not much more that you can do. But if your WordPress website runs on a dedicated server, you need to take a more holistic approach towards the security of your WordPress website. WordPress is just the tip of the iceberg. It is just a web application that is hosted and runs on a web server. The server is made up of several other software components. And like WordPress, all of them need to be secured and kept up to date because all software has vulnerabilities. Read this article for more information on the common components that make up a web server and your WordPress. If your WordPress runs on a hosting service I would still read this article to get a good idea of what makes it possible to run WordPress. The Server Below is a list of components that are typically running on a server (called a web server since it hosts a
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