This is article 2 of 2 in the series “Building Reactive WordPress Plugins” Building Reactive WordPress Plugins – Part 2 – Vue.js In the first part of this series I showed you how to build WP Cron Pixie, a small WordPress dashboard widget that displays a site’s scheduled cron events. The article’s primary purpose was to introduce reactive style frontend development, using Backbone.js as the framework as it comes bundled with WordPress. In this somewhat shorter article we’re going to jump a couple years forward in frontend JavaScript development technology and replace Backbone.js with Vue.js. Gilbert used Vue.js with the WP-REST-API on his previous Creating a WordPress Theme using the REST API and Vue.js article, but this time we’re going to continue to use the admin-ajax.php based backend from Part 1. Why Vue.js? Umm, because it’s awesome! Oh, you want a little more info? Well, when you look at the getting started docs for Vue.js you’d be forgiven for thinking there’s not a great deal to separate it from Backbone.js. Once you’ve instantiated an instance of the Vue class and attached it to the DOM, you can specify
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