Can you believe it’s been nearly three years since I last talked to Chris Lema? Just like last week’s guest, Brad Williams, many years have gone by since we last checked-in and there’s a lot to talk about. Chris is well-known in the WordPress space for providing tremendous insight for us product and service owners. He recently exited his CTO role at Crowd Favorite and is taking to the internet to tackle new opportunities as a “freelancer.” There’s a wealth of knowledge in this episode and I really hope you enjoy it! Interview with Chris Lema The reality of running a business It’s going to require a lot of work. If you’ve been following along with my story (and this podcast) for the last few years, you’ll know that success in this industry doesn’t come easy. As much as the alluring internet marketing expert pushing Facebook ads might be trying to tell us otherwise. It takes more than just putting in the work too — it’s the emotional toll of running a business, that many of us aren’t ready for: Bad clients Hiring Cash flow Losing out on jobs Missing good opportunities I know I dig on “experts” a
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