May’s signs of love from our clients Welcome to another edition of our Happiness Report! This month we look back and reflect on the month of May and at what we’ve learned, implemented, and have planned. If you read last month’s report, you might remember that our median response time had crept up on us a bit as a result of increased traffic, increased onboarding of clients, increased projects being posted and we had just removed our expert apply page from public view. This of course resulted in a sudden increase of developers messaging us in support asking where the page went. So in the month of April, we replied to 987 (90.4%) with a median first response time of 21 minutes. Our goal for the month of May was to get down to 15 minutes, hopefully less. This would have been around a 30% decrease in our median first response time. I’m unbelievably proud of our team to have Shattered that goal! Our new stats for the month of May are: Replied to 1,001 (85.6%) with a median first response time of 5 minutes This is approximately a 75% decrease in response time!! Go team!! Introducing our new screening process (codename "ain't it easy, baby") By fully redeveloping
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