The “Internet of Things” is an expression for how the Internet is helping people connect devices, accounts, services, and even household appliances in new and exciting ways. Zapier has been leading that connectedness for several years now. This article is a short list of ways you can connect your Give Forms to other services through our Give Zapier Add-on. Instead of thinking of donations as an end, think of them rather as a means to building a relationship with those who support you and share your vision. Getting a donation is great, but what you do with that donor afterward can be just as important to your organization. We’ve discussed previously how you can be intentional about thanking your donors after they donate and how you can make your donation receipts dramatic, with more impact. Now, let’s take it to the next step. Let’s make sure you are following up with your donors in fun and purposeful ways through Zapier. What is Zapier? Before we jump into all the examples, let’s understand first what Zapier is and the power that it offers you. We have two great resources on understanding Zapier and Give already: Think of Zapier like the “Universal
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