The Austin WordPress Meetup Group will host the WPATX Day of REST Friday, June 17 in the classroom at WP Engine headquarters in downtown Austin. The event will run from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m, and will be chock-full of sessions and hands-on projects devoted to the WP REST API.

Organized with the local WordPress community in mind, the WPATX Day of REST is a free event designed to teach attendees how to better work with and leverage the REST API.

“This event is designed for our WordPress Developer and Practitioner Community who want to learn how to use the WordPress REST API and explore some applications that are already using it,” the Meetup announcement said.

The schedule is not yet finalized, however attendees can expect to learn about different ways to work with the REST API including:

  • New ways to interact with WordPress posts, users, comments, and taxonomies using the RESTful API standard
  • How to make your own REST API endpoint
  • How the WordPress REST API can integrate with technologies currently outside the WordPress ecosystem
  • And more

Experienced WordPress developers will lead the sessions, which will last roughly 20 minutes each. You can read more about the schedule for WPATX Day of REST in the official announcement.

Although the WPATX Day of REST is the first free REST API-dedicated event put on by a meetup group, the first conference dedicated solely to the REST API was held earlier this year in London. The event was a huge success, so much so that a four-day Week of REST bootcamp has been scheduled for later this year. Similarly, A Day of REST 2016 will be held in Boston in October. This speaks to the growing significance of the REST API and its importance to WordPress users.

The Austin WordPress Meetup Group organized the event, and WP Engine is sponsoring it.

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