Your website is the face of your business. And internet users want it to show up almost instantaneously when they click on a link to your website from a search engine or go to it directly via URL. In fact, most users expect websites to load in no more than two seconds and just a one-second delay can lead to a huge drop in sales. Can you even imagine? If a second or two can make such a huge difference to your bottom line, what would your site being inaccessible altogether do? If your website is down (or taking ages to load), you can kiss your chances of getting any sales or leads goodbye. It’s not just the first time visitors. Even the more loyal ones or regular visitors will get irritated and go for an alternative. That is the reason it’s so important to prevent website downtime. Site downtime can have disastrous consequences. Why is downtime bad for your website? Let’s spend some time talking about what can happen if your site goes down unexpectedly. You lose credibility A business website that keeps crashing all the time will lose credibility. Your website is the place for you to make a positive first impression. Customers will find it hard to trust a business that
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