Brian Matiash is a professional photographer and author based in Portland, Oregon although he's originally a New Yorker. He specializes in landscape & travel photography and has spent the better part of a decade educating and inspiring photographers all around the world with his tutorials, videos, and stories. Brian is a partner with some of the some amazing photography and technology companies, like Sony, Zeiss, G-Technology, and Imagely. Brian has obsessions with long-exposure photography, neutral density filters, and fisheye lenses. His passion is helping others help themselves with their pursuits of photography. Brian is also the husband of another incredible photographer and educator, Nicole S Young. WordPress/Photography Related News: Automattic will soon have .blog domains available for purchase WordPress 4.6 will have major accessibility improvements of the tag and category pages Referenced Links: Where to find Brian: Website Transcription: WordPress Photography Podcast, #16 – Don’t Be Lackadaisical About Your Security w/ @BrianMatiash — Imagely (@imagely) June 9, 2016
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