If you’re thinking about starting an ecommerce site then WordPress is the CMS for you. You can sell almost anything you want online with WordPress due to the range of ecommerce plugins available.

While it is easy to create a professional-looking website with WordPress, there are a few things to know before launching your ecommerce business. This guide will equip you with the tools you need to successfully get your ecommerce site up and running.

The Ultimate Guide To Ecommerce

This three-part series is a great first stop for everything you need to know before starting your online business, from the different types of ecommerce sites to plugin recommendations and a walkthrough on how to install them. Moreover, you will learn about the different types of customers to look for. Then, once you have a business plan started, look into settings and the technical side of the business.

You can then move on to how to add products. Learn how to add them to the site and get advice on how to write descriptions for your products and take clear photos.

Best Ecommerce Plugins

With more than 40,000 plugins in the repository alone, it can be challenging to sift through for the best ecommerce plugins. This roundup features 11 of the best WordPress plugins that are necessary for every ecommerce site.

From payment gateways to analytics to SEO, this list features them all.

Designing The Perfect Ecommerce Site

To create a successful ecommerce site make sure it is well designed. This post takes you step by step through how to create an appealing place to house your product. Begin by adding navigation and call to action buttons so people know where to find your information.

Then focus on the user by making the checkout process easy and appealing. Make your products shareable so customers will do some of the advertising for you through social media. If you follow these guidelines, you will have a good looking site ready to sell.

How To Retain Ecommerce Customers

Now that you have your site the way you want it, and customers are coming in, you need to make sure those people stay. This post offers a few easy tips to maintain your customer base. Offer your customers a way to make an account they can use whenever they return to your site. Make sure to update your products regularly so people have something new to come back to.

You will even find ideas on how to bring back inactive customers. At the end of the day, exceed customer expectations. If you have the reputation for being an interesting and dynamic company, people will tell their friends and come back.

Tips For Designing Mobile eCommerce Apps 

More users are using phones and tablets to access their favorite sites. It is very important that you optimize your site for mobile. This post takes that a step further and shows you how to make an app for your site. That way customers don’t have to go into a browser to shop for your product. Learn how to utilize the “thumb zone,” and reach out to mobile-focused customers.

Don’t miss out on a huge portion of shoppers that are just using their phones. You did all the work to make your site look great and work well, so why not reach as many users as possible?

Did we miss any Torque eCommerce stories? What are some of your favorite eCommerce tips?

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