If you’ve poked around our business before, you know that we’ve helped quite a few companies, including some household names, get their sites on WordPress. Obviously, we’re huge fans of WP, and although the tide does seem to be turning, we believe that WordPress is still wildly underutilized in the enterprise space (or every space!). While WordPress may not be good for every site, we believe it can do a whole helluva lot more than people think. Making the move from a proprietary system to WordPress, though, can be an intimidating leap–whether your website is big, small, or somewhere in between. One of our go-to developers, Marcus, is a migration rockstar, and he’s talked about what he’s learned about migrating sites to WordPress before. And today, FOR YOU, he wrote a high level breakdown of all the questions you need to ask before migrating your site to WordPress. Whether you’re a developer looking for a checklist to run down with your own clients, or a client with an agency looking to have an easy reference for discussion about migration, we hope this will help you walk in ready to take on the big W with greater ease. Get a copy of the PDF,
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