Freemius today announced Checkout, a new service to help developers sell WordPress products on any site by providing secure checkout, software licensing, and automatic updates.

“We created Checkout to help fellow developers be able to do whatever they feel passionate about and make a living from that,” CEO and Founder of Freemius Vova Feldman told Torque.

You can register for Checkout for free clicking “Register for Beta.” You’ll subsequently be asked schedule a 15-minute demo, which according to Feldman will help ensure that each user has all the tools necessary to efficiently use Checkout.

When you have completed the demo, you will be able to go to the Freemius dashboard and start setting up your accounts. Checkout suggests prices but you can add any amount you want for Monthly, Annually, and Lifetime subscriptions. You can also select bulk pricing if you want to bundle your plugins or themes. plan-configuration_80 Once you’ve selected your pricing preferences, generate your checkout code snippet and add it to your website. You’ll get one code for the actual website and a dummy one that you can test to make sure everything is working the way you want it to. checkout-code_80 To use the SDK integration, just take the Checkout code and paste into your plugin or theme code. freemius-sdk-code_80 The last step is to upload and activate your plugin on Freemius under the Deployment tab. deployment Now you are ready to start selling. Whenever someone on your site clicks Buy Now, a box will come up where they can enter their information. The service uses Strip.js and PayPal Express Checkout to handle the actual money, so secure checkout is guaranteed. checkout-modal_80 Customers can even purchase on a mobile device. checkout-mobile_80 When you register you will receive an email with a licensing key. After you have activated your plugin, you then have to activate the licensing. Go to your plugin or theme and you’ll encounter a gateway, where you can enter write in the licensing key. plugin-activation_80 (1) You can create a customer list, control payments, manage licenses, and see real-time analytics all from the member dashboard. analytics_80 Freemius Checkout is based on a revenue-service model, so you’ll be charged 10 percent plus 30 cents per sale, which includes the gateway fee.

“Developers don’t have a lot of money at the beginning, so we decided to have pricing aligned with the success of your business,” Feldman said.

You can download Freemius Checkout today from the Freemius website and email with any questions.

Emily Schiola

Emily Schiola is a Staff Writer at Torque. She loves good beer, bad movies, and cats.

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