What is Structured Data and Why is it so important? Structured data is a special markup for Search engines which will help them understand the data and display it in a more user-friendly manner to the end user. Structured data uses the Schema.org data vocabulary and you can implement them in several formats such as Microdata, Json+LD, RDFa. etc. Out of these three, Json+LD is the easiest and recommended option to go with. The importance of Structured data for SEO has been a debatable subject. Whether Structure data has its effect on SEO or not, it is definitely a way to go for the long term. As a business, you must leverage the structured data to improve your SEO. Examples of Structured data for Businesses I can provide many examples, but here are two of them: Hotel and Restaurant. I gave these two examples because you must have seen them while browsing the internet. Both examples provide much more information about the business than just a standard listing which also helps you stands out from the crowd. There are several types of data types, here are the most popular ones: Articles Book Reviews Events Local Businesses Movies Products Restaurants Software Applications TV Episodes It
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