Recently, here at WDS, we started incorporating Flexbox into our projects. I wanted to share some great resources I’ve come across to get going with Flexbox and highlight some of the early first impressions and some of the struggles you might encounter along the way. And, if you want to see just a few examples of some of the types of stuff we’ve been creating with Flexbox, be sure to check out our WebDevStudios Codepen page. Getting Started First, if you’re new to Flexbox, I can not recommend a better starting place than Wes Bos’ video tutorials. These are really great, quick videos that can easily get you up and running pretty solidly in less than a couple hours (if you watch them all). The only downfall is trying to go back and reference something is a little tricky with video. Not to worry–CSS-Tricks has you covered with this great guide to check back with when getting the lay of the land. One of the trickiest and most difficult parts of implementing a new way of doing things is that there’s definitely going to be a bit of a learning curve. Learning while doing is the absolute best way to force yourself to learn something new, however
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