Gravity Forms v2.0 is now available to new customers and via manually updating. It can be downloaded on the downloads page. We will be releasing Gravity Forms v2.0 via automatic update to existing users next week. This is a major feature release that introduces new features and enhancements, extensive changes under the hood to the core plugin, the API and the Add-On Framework and enhanced security hardening. Like the WordPress core team, we use iterative development to improve our product. Feature releases introduce new user facing features and functionality, while maintenance releases focus on developer focused enhancements, bug fixes and security. This major feature release also sets the stage for both Add-Ons currently in development and future feature releases to Gravity Forms itself. We have a lot planned for the future and are looking forward to continuing to watch Gravity Forms and our incredible ecosystem continue to grow! Keep reading for a rundown of what is new in Gravity Forms v2.0. Conditional Logic Enhancements Conditional Logic has been updated and enhanced to support fields it did not previously support. You can now utilize conditional logic on multi-input fields such
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