Below is a transcript of my talk from WordCamp Europe 2016 in which I talked about growing & developing your WordPress meetup. If you were there and just wanted the download of templates… the zip file is here. There are two universal (and often unconscious) questions people ask themselves when deciding whether to join a community. The first is ‘ARE they Like me?’ When someone is looking at a meetup page, or a website about a meetup group, the choice to attend an event will be influenced by whether what they see about your group seems as if it will ‘fit’ them. The second question is ‘WILL they like me?’ And how they’re received when they come to your group, and how they’re integrated into the community will of course have a big impact on their decision to attend again. So let’s have a brief look at how we can better answer those two questions and attract and keep awesome meetup members. ARE they like Me? I’m guessing that for the biggest majority of us our meetups are organised through so the first opportunity we have to make an impression starts with our Meetup page. Of course, the same principles apply
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