Facebook instant articles always help people to view the articles in the newsfeed and follow them every day. Now it is the time to set up your WordPress website to instantly post the articles to Facebook. Readers today are using mobile apps which matters more than anything every month. More than one billion people will have the login to Facebook through their mobile app. This program to publish the posts instantly is there for many years but for a limited group of publishers which included BuzzFeed, the New York Times and BBC News. But now all the publishers can now use this facility from April 2016. Facebook Business Manager approves the Facebook page on which the Instant Articles should be published. Once the Facebook accepts the request, then you can customize the appearance of those Instant articles. It is not just easy to add Instant articles through Facebook. There will be many aspects that the Facebook team takes care while approving. What is the Use of Joining this Program: Publishers will have complete customization tools to manage their articles when they are visible on Mobile app. There is another benefit that publishers can sell their add space with defined percentage of
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