“Content is king” has become a commonplace phrase to Tweet, throw out in conversation, or tape above your desk. It’s true that content has become incredibly important for today’s businesses, something Bill Gates predicted in 1996. Successful content requires “content marketing,” a popular term in the business and marketing worlds. Take a look at search interest for this term via Google Trends: It’s obvious people are wondering what content marketing is and how they can use it to grow their businesses. What’s all the fuss about? We’ll tell you and share some ways to make content marketing in WordPress easier and more successful with five steps. Table of Contents Step 1: Organize your Strategy Step 2: Create Content Step 4: Share on Social Media Step 5: Analytics Conclusion First, what is content marketing and why does it matter? Content marketing is the act of using online content to meet marketing goals. This involves creating and distributing content that will attract and retain an online audience. Content is anything that sends a message to people. It can be emails, social media posts, blog posts, product pages, etc. The goal of
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