Developers are nothing without clients, it’s true… And if you’re a developer who just took offense to that statement, then yes, you’re absolutely right, you certainly could continue building websites for yourself all day long… But hey, where’s the fun in that? Personally, I prefer getting paid for the time I spend working, call me crazy right? I’m sure it comes as no surprise that the clients I choose to work for are also willing to pay for the solutions to their problems. Perhaps this could be phrased more eloquently, but I’m sure any developer reading this can relate, sometimes the biggest problems with the projects we accept are the clients themselves. Spotting red-flag clients takes some practice, but if you don’t, then work will really, really, suck for you. It’s also true that not all developers and clients are matches made in heaven. There are times when clients give developers great reasons to pull their hair out, while other times the exact opposite is true. Now, I’m sure there’s plenty of articles on this topic from the clients’ perspective, talking about what qualities make for great developers
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