As a developer, I want to help you. It’s that simple. Whether you need help with a quick-fix, like squashing that pesky little bug in your code, or something much larger, like a full website build, I’m here to help. Over the last ten-months I’ve helped more than 300 awesome clients complete nearly 550 projects and I’ve received just as many perfect five-star reviews from them along the way. The secret to maintaining such a high rate of success and keeping so many clients happy revolves around one simple idea — Quality. Quality isn’t a one-way street either, understand that part of me helping you is also you helping me. Now, the reality is that not every developer and client are a match made in heaven. Heck, I’m no exception to this rule either. As a developer myself, I too have worked with a few less-than-pleasant clients. You know who I’m talking about, the fun-sucking people capable of single-handedly making you lose faith in humanity. Anyways, I’m not here today to rant about awful people, I’m here to share some tips and help those who outsource their projects become even better clients. I’m here to help good clients
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