Invisible WordPress admin users are the sometimes left behind artifacts of a sloppy hacker or following the cleanup of a hacked website. As of yet, there is no automated way to remove these invisible WordPress users. Some phpMyAdmin mojo is necessary to remove them. This article will cover how to remove those invisible user bits sometimes left behind in the database following a mySQL injection. Before you freak out and run away at the thought of having to geek out in phpMyAdmin, I’ll tell you straight – “it’s really not that hard.” The steps to removing invisible users in WordPress: Be sure to use a backup plugin, like Updraft Plus or Backup Buddy, to make a database backup. These backup plugins will not only help you generate a backup in seconds, they’ll likewise allow you to recover your prior database with just a few clicks of your mouse. So seriously, don’t freak out – “your website will not be wiped clean by editing a couple database tables.” Add a new Administrator (user) This still isn’t fully necessary, but I find it helpful in the scheme of things. Maybe you are still using Admin as your username? Shame on you.
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