To enable Keep-Alive you need to add ‘Connection: Keep-Alive’ HTTP header in your server. In WordPress, you can enable Keep-Alive by editing your .htaccess file, or you can edit config file of your Apache/NGINX servers if you do not have access to .htaccess file. The easiest way to enable Keep-Alive is to put a piece of code (given below) in your .htaccess file. How to Enable Keep-Alive Before we start about the best practices to enable Keep-Alive in WordPress and the dos and don’ts. We need to understand what Keep-Alive is and how actually it works. What is Keep-Alive and how it works Keep-Alive is a technique to let one TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) connection to access multiple files from server to web browser in place of creating new connection for every new request (file). Keep-Alive also known as persistent HTTP connection. Lets’ discuss how it works, you might know about the connection and coordination process of a web browser and server. When you visit a webpage, your web browser create a connection with webserver and sent a request to access a particular file, and server gives OK (go ahead) to the browser. Browser download the file, than create
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