The way we access information has dramatically changed as of late. With mobile technology on the rise, we spend more time on our mobile devices, reading news on the go, browsing interesting websites and even doing our shopping. Where before we used our computers, we now do those tasks on our smartphones and tablets. In fact, a report from comScore shows that 55 percent of all time spent on online shopping in June 2013 was on a mobile device. Likewise, in the same year, one-third of global internet traffic came from mobile devices according to a marketing and publishing firm called Walker Sands Communications. Another interesting statistic comes from a report by IBM which shows an increase in mobile eCommerce sales during the holiday season. Add to that the fact Google’s announcement made in February last year which states that Google is taking mobile friendliness into consideration when ranking sites and you can start to see why it’s important to have a mobile-friendly website. And if you are a small business website owner, making sure your website is mobile-friendly is crucial to your success considering 72% of consumers want a mobile friendly website. In this article,
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