Hence, if you are using WordPress either on shared host or VPS, you might in the trouble that WordPress upload limit file size. Usually from 32M to 128M. Today we will go through from basic to advanced way to change WordPress upload limit. Easy Ways To Change WordPress Upload Limit Here’re the ways you can change your upload limitation through the interface or anything that you no need to touch a line of code. We will learn how to do that at the advanced part. If you are using WHM. WHM stand for Web Hosting Manager, a tool that provided by cPanel©. With the right to access WHM, that means you can tweak your upload max file size through the interface, here’s how to do. WordPress Upload Limit – WHM If you do not know how to do, please follow these steps: Access to WHM Navigate to Server Configuration > Tweak Settings Choose PHP tab Input your desired upload max file size. Advanced Ways To Change WordPress Upload Limit This method will work absolutely, in any case, that mean they do not depend on what control panel you’re using, either cPanel or VestaCP, Direct Admin or Plesk, free or paid, this method is all applied. You must have the right to access root
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