You put your heart and soul into creating and perfecting your WordPress plugin. You slaved over your code. You even made it through the wrenching, drawn-out process of submitting it to the repository. You waited, you responded, you made requested changes, and now, finally, the day is here. It’s been approved. Your plugin – your baby – is online and available for download. Time to celebrate? Not quite! Before you pop open the champagne, or move on to the next process, you still have some work to do – especially if you’re serious about your business as a WordPress plugin developer. Post-launch, you can take action to improve your plugin, foster great relationships with your user base, and increase downloads.Tweet Mastering the post-launch re-evaluation process can also raise your plugin’s ratings, which will help grow your user base and even set yourself up for greater success with the next plugin you create. What Happens After You Release Your Plugin? After you launch your plugin, you’ll start to get feedback, reviews, and support requests. It’s tempting to get a little lost in this “honeymoon” period if everything’s going
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