Google Search has been very clear about the benefits for websites that are accessible through a secure HTTPS/SSL connection, the announcement back in 2014 saw a huge increase in the number of sites that switched over to HTTPS, but in comparison to today’s standards, there’s still many website owners who haven’t made the switch. Apart from being a ranking signal for your content, secure connections make your blog much more secure, and can prevent your website from being taken over by hackers, or prevent you from having hackers monitor your traffic, and ultimately steal your customer data. There’s a good reason why eCommerce websites use SSL protection, because it protects the user data, and it allows for secure checkout processing. There are two factors to understand when it comes to adding SSL/HTTPS to your WordPress blog: You need to choose a secure SSL provider that can provide you with the necessary certificate, be it free or premium. After you have purchased and installed the certificate, you need to make sure that all your content is pointing to the new HTTPS URLs. to achieve the desired result is actually far less difficult than it may sound. Numerous startups
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