It’s not communicating if you don’t tell me what you did. Think to yourself: if I dropped in, directly in the middle of a conversation, and was forced to figure out what needs to be done based on the information being presented only from this point forward, would I be able to do so? That’s what a support ticket is. It’s a conversation between you and your website, which you have now plunked a developer down into the middle of, via a support ticket. 'It's broken, please fix' is a remarkably bad support ticket. Here's why. Click To TweetAnd if all that developer gets from you is a url and “I followed your instructions and it’s not working,” though developers are often wizards, they are not going to be able to help much. Their internal response to such a statement is “No, you likely didn’t follow all of my directions. Now I have to do detective work to figure out which one, without making you feel dumb or sounding like a jerk.” Developers who support products get lots of support tickets that start this way. And the vast majority of the time, the user actually didn’t follow all the instructions, or the instructions were not
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