WordCamp season is upon us, and it seems like there’s another one every week. While many of us have attended a number of WordCamps throughout the years, not as many have had a hand at being a WordCamp organizer. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes long before even a venue is chosen. This article takes a look at some of the challenges faced by WordCamp organizers and advises how to grapple with them. Michelle Schulp is no stranger to WordCamps. She was an organizing committee member of WordCamp Chicago in 2012, co-lead in 2013, and lead in 2014. Schlup then moved to Minneapolis and was lead organizer for 2016. All of this on top of the countless WordCamps where she has presented, volunteered, or attended. It all started in 2011. “The first WordCamp I ever attended was WordCamp Chicago 2011, before I even knew about the WordPress community in general, but I knew after attending that I really wanted to be involved with the next one in a more active role,” Schulp said. “When I saw the open call for volunteers for WordCamp Chicago 2012, I decided to reach out and become involved. They welcomed me with open arms, as I learned is pretty common in the community,
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