Any work on a live site is best performed behind the curtain of a maintenance mode screen. That’s because a half-built live website or a site undergoing maintenance hardly screams professionalism, does it? Unfortunately, we all need to make changes to our websites from time to time. Here’s how to do it. Maintenance mode is ideal for a wide range of situations, including: switching WordPress themes, testing plugins, fixing website problems, making minor cosmetic tweaks. Activating maintenance mode means that you can work on your website behind closed doors. With this in mind, maintenance mode can also double up as a “Coming Soon” mode, enabling you to build your new website in private. Today, I’m going to show you how to work in maintenance mode in WordPress using a free plugin: Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd. Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd The plugin’s name is a bit of a mouthful, I know, but this is because it combines the functionalities of two soon-to-be-defunct plugins: Ultimate Maintenance Mode and Ultimate Coming Soon Page. These are two of the best plugins in their respective fields. How to activate
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