My brother Spencer Labadie and I created a plugin for ourselves that we thought we'd share. With over 40k active installs of one of our plugins and multiple other free and premium plugins things start getting hectic when it comes to support. We take pride in giving fast and helpful support! With that being said, sometimes even with all the testing in the world bugs can slip through and get pushed as we all know who develop. When this happens there may be an explosion of support questions leave us answering the same support tickets/forum threads over and over. We needed a fast way to respond. Here is where Sidebar Support was born. Initially we hard coded a sidebar to our main plugin site that could create Quick Responses so that we would only have to type a response one time between us as a team then share it when a ticket came in while we were working out the bug. We then decided to share it with the rest of the world and turn it into a wordpress plugin... and here we are months later ready to share. The other thing sidebar support resolves is navigation. You can create Quick links to get to documentation or too multiple support forums quickly. Give it a test run and let us know what ya think and see if it helps you like it has us!
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