What a weekend! We just wrapped up WordCamp Ottawa 2016 at Carleton University here in Ottawa, Canada. We had approximately 160 attendees show up for the weekend, with one day full of full-length (45 min) and lightning (20 min) talks, and a second day of hands-on workshops and “un-conference” activities. One thing we tried to do differently this year was to improve the feedback that our wonderful speakers received about the presentations they spent so much time preparing for our camp. Having attended many conferences in Canada and the United States, I’ve seen this done in various ways. Send out a survey to all attendees by e-mail the at the end of the conference asking them to provide their feedback on the talks they saw, as well as the overall event. Use an online speaker feedback service that requires attendees to create an account and login to provide their comments Hand out paper forms at the event Do nothing (it amazes me that some conferences don’t seem to focus on session feedback) We took the analog approach. That’s right, we asked all the attendees to fill out a short paper survey after every talk. The result? We saw a significantly higher level
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