For many businesses, acting on an inbound lead quickly can be the difference between making a new customer, and getting through to a voicemail. We have put together a quick guide for WordPress sites that covers how you can both make sure you are instantly notified of a contact form message, and also that all contact form messages will be securely logged so you will never lose them – even if you have an email connectivity problem. Notifications for Inbound Leads There are various ways you can do this – and it depends on what type of device, software or alert type that you think will be best for you or your team. 1 – Email Notifications Let’s start with the basics… On your desktop, make sure you have email notifications set up. If you are using Gmail/Google Apps you can use a Gmail notification plugin for your browser. For your phone/tablet, make sure you have a suitable email app installed with notifications. 2 – SMS Notifications SMS notifications for inbound leads can be very useful potentially – especially if you are in a situation where you might not normally be keeping an eye on your emails or if you are more likely to see an SMS message
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