CalderaWP this month announced Caldera Labs, a new partnership that combines the efforts of form building tool Caldera Forms and A/B testing tool Ingot. Although each product will maintain its independent brand under the Caldera Labs umbrella, the two teams will be moving forward as one company to create a more streamlined workflow. The consolidation combines the efforts of Caldera Forms’ founder David Cramer, Ingot’s business manager Christie Chirinos, and Josh Pollock — who is both a developer at Caldera and the founder of Ingot. “Having two teams and two companies was a good way to start as we tested out what worked and didn’t work. But, moving forward as we have seen everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, we will move forward as one company,” Pollock said. The change will happen over the next couple weeks but won’t be noticeable to customers. Caldera Labs will also include the WordPress training currently offered on Pollock’s website. By bringing all these products together in one place, the team can focus on what they’re creating instead of figuring out how to run two separate businesses. Under the new model, Cramer and
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