Yesterday we announced that we are consolidating CalderaWP, Ingot and our WordPress training into one company, Caldera Labs. We are celebrate this new unity in the most sensible way possible: an Ingot for Caldera Forms add-on. Available today, Ingot for Caldera Forms is the easiest tool for A/B and multivariate testing on your site’s forms. It works by allowing you to create two versions of a Caldera Form, and then A/B testing them among your users. This way, you can have either slight changes to your form or two completely different forms. With Ingot for Caldera Forms, you can run tests, see which performs best, and increase your conversions. Using Ingot for Caldera Form is extremely easy, too. Once you have set up your Ingot for Caldera Forms test – meaning, both of your forms – one single shortcode is outputted. Place that shortcode where you need it on your pages, and your test will immediately begin. As we have been saying about the need for A/B testing: we have ideas about what our users want, but until we test these ideas, we don’t know for sure. Whether it is your copy or your contact form, the principle still applies. Ingot for Caldera Forms allows your
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