Most of you will know him as Mason James, CEO of Valet, but I know him as the guy who loves Serbian food, especially when it comes to our meat specialities like the Pljeskavica. We had the pleasure of having Mason stay with us in Belgrade, and speak at WordCamp Belgrade at the weekend. On a particularly warm Tuesday, Mason, my colleague Nemanja and myself sat down in our library for a chat. I found out that as a classically trained pianist Mason used to spend his days playing the piano, as a successful business owner he now spends his days curled up underneath his piano when things get a bit too much. I was eager to find out how he manages to maintain a business, where it all began and what are the core values he believes in, as well as his two cents on how to transition from a WordPress professional to a business owner. I read your article regarding Website Maintenance. Valet does more that maintain websites for their clients. Can you tell us a bit more about this? The idea behind maintenance is to “eeeeek” the last bits out of something. That’s not what we do, our focus is on business growth, performance and effectiveness. If you think about it, having backups of
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