Yes! It’s finally here! A new tool that will help you add various Meta-fields to your custom Taxonomies. Introducing our new Term Meta Generator. Some History WordPress 2.3 is my all-time-favorite release. It saved me tons of client complains when it introduced the “Custom Taxonomies” feature. Do you remember the times we used to create custom Categories for content that needed to stand out? like the “Featured” category, it was such a must-have category back in 2007. The new “Tags” taxonomy was added in WordPress 2.3 and a new era has come! It took two years until WordPress core was ready for the next leap. WordPress 2.9 and 3.0 made it easy to create our own Custom Taxonomies. Since then, no major improvements from a developer point of view were seen. The next major leap was when core replaced shared-terms across multiple taxonomies with separate-terms. The long-term Taxonomy Roadmap architecture changes were expect to happen in WordPress 3.7 or even 3.8, but the process was finally finished in WordPress 4.3. WordPress 4.4 introduces the next leap – custom meta-fields for Taxonomy Terms. Term Meta Generator Our fresh Term Meta Generator
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