Customize component has an incredible PHP and JS based API in the WordPress Core. I found it to be much better than many other elements e.g. the Settings API in WordPress is a bit messy (probably why Scott Clark from 10Up is building the Fields API). Started With Frameworks Anywho, when I first started making Customizer based WordPress themes, I used frameworks like Kirki and Redux Framework, and then later I ended up using Titan Framework for a WordPress plugin called CF7Customizer. Problem With Frameworks In the case of these frameworks, it quickly became hard to deal with the updates, backward compatibility, and then code quality especially concerning security. I found myself reading more and more source code to keep up with their development. And then came a time when I felt I should probably go as native as I can to use WordPress APIs instead of such frameworks. Going Native With WP Customizer API I started to figure out what kept me away from using the official WP Customizer API. I found out that WP Customizer is not very commonly adopted because of the lack of enough documented examples. Because after going through both Codex and Dev Reference, basic concepts of WordPress customizer
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