Editor’s note: This is our first contributor post to PluginTut, a tutorial submitted by the owner/creator of the Kanban plugin, Corey Mass. The PluginTut team has not shared their opinion about the plugin, nor have we been compensated to publish this information. Happy learning! Publishing amazing content on WordPress, day in and day out, is a struggle to keep organized. And if there are multiple authors contributing to your blog it can get very complicated very quickly. Who is working on what? What should we work on next? Are we done yet? Today I will show you how to use a Kanban board to manage a complex blog with multiple authors and a high volume of blog posts. Kanban boards were invented by Toyota in the 1950’s to organize supermarkets and car manufacturing. Today, it’s most often thought of as a project management tool, but people are adapting it for all kinds of uses, including customer relationship management (Pipedrive, Kanban for WordPress) and even organizing their personal lives. Kanban boards also work great to organize a high number of blog posts in WordPress. Kanban for WordPress is a free plugin available from the WordPress plugin repo that integrates
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