This was supposed to be the first post on my personal site,, but I decided to use my company site instead as it’s already established in the search engines and it made sense to write about my businesses on my actual business website! I thought I’d start by saying hello and introducing myself: I’m Oli Dale and I used to run WPLift which I recently sold via Flippa, I also run ThemeFurnace and now another couple of WordPress-related businesses ( more on those below ). I’m going to be using this blog from now on to talk about my company, the websites I run and other topics related to doing business online – my company Kooc Media Ltd, turned 10 this year which is crazy to think about now. I have always loved reading transparency reports, it’s great to see how other online business people are doing and they also act as motivation to me. I used to run a monthly series of them on WPLift a few years back which always did well and seemed to genuinely interest people so I thought it would be cool to start doing the same again now. In these reports I will be sharing all aspects of running these websites, traffic, finances and so on. I will also
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