TL;DR: We have a new theme. It’s our best free theme to date. And it will stay free for life. No paid add-ons, no upsells. Just quality features, updates … everything that you’d normally expect from a paid theme, delivered for free. Zillah. One of our goals at ThemeIsle for this year is to create amazing free products for WordPress and give back to the WordPress community as much as we can. Ionut already explained how we can afford to do so in this prequel post. One of the ways in which we want to make that the reality is by releasing completely free themes that are of the same quality as our premium themes. But in order to make this happen, we needed to change our mindset slightly. Since the only goal was to build a great final product without holding back anything, this has helped us regain our passion for building themes in general. Everything that we thought should find its place in the final release did. And since we owe everything to WordPress – which originally started off as a blogging platform – we’ve decided to make this newest theme all about blogging and the blogger in you. Introducing Zillah, our newest free, no-features-locked theme
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