6 Comments A year and a half ago I released my first premium WordPress plugin, Advanced Ads. It’s true that once the plugin was out, my most important task was support. Support is a crucial element that determines not only the success of the project, but also how happy everyone will be, me included. With this in mind, I constantly optimized my approach to providing support. Let me share with you what I learned. Read on to find out: what I learned about support, the four sides that will help you understand each request, which fears of mine proved to be unfounded, what an efficient support system looks like, how to optimize support. The main purpose of support is to help people use and understand a product. Therefore, support is not only an email reply or documentation. It extends to the following: making features self-explanatory, writing understandable labels, fixing issues caused by other plugins, making the user feel like you are ready to help. Beside helping others use your product, you also benefit from support. I spend a lot of time with every problem reported for the first time, because I know that for every person who reaches out, many more might not and either live with
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