It can be hard to continually write good content for a website or blog. One effective-yet-underutilized type of content is curated social media posts. You might have seen these on other websites before. They’ll be a series of well-chosen tweets, Facebook posts, and other social content used to tell a story or present different viewpoints on an issue. These can be your posts, other peoples’, or a combination of the two. Done well, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. These “social timelines” are often built with Storify. Storify allows site owners to embed stories on blogs, but here’s a huge secret: in most cases, you don’t need Storify to make a social timeline on your WordPress blog! WordPress Embeds WordPress has an amazing feature that lets you embed lots of social media sites directly in the WordPress editor simply by pasting the social post’s URL onto its own line. So if you post this in the WordPress editor: You’ll get this: I’ll wait for you to finish watching … What Sites Can I Embed with WordPress? There are a few sites that sadly aren’t embeddable right
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