May was a pretty hectic month here since most of our team has been involved in organizing and volunteering at WordCamp Belgrade, and holding the Contributor day at our office. With all of this happening we did not achieve our April goal of publishing the How To Videos. They are finished and will be implemented to the guide with the launch of our new website. That’s only a few weeks away, so stay tuned! Another exciting thing that happened during this month, is that some of our team went to Bali for two weeks and it was the first time we worked remotely, but managed to provide a culturally unifying experience for our clients. May Goals Review What we did well One of our main goals for the month of May was keeping the First Response Time under 30 minutes, and we managed to do that. Equally important is what you did well: we noticed that the number of tickets per user decreased in May. This means you are getting used to the Orion dashboard, and that is great since Orion is not just an improved and buckish version of ManageWP Classic, but it was built from scratch. The cherry on top is our new team member, Robert, and we are happy that he passed the test and the training period so
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