This weekend 15 people from ManageWP made their way to Vienna for this years WordCamp Europe, and the experience was incredible. Before I start telling you all of the things we got up to, I want to thank every single organizer and volunteer that made WCEU an unforgettable event, so THANK YOU! Also, speakers you are brave people, talking in front of an audience of 2000, well done and thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. Our Part In WCEU We are proud to say that we had one of our own on the organization team, Milan you were great, and well done to all of our volunteers that gave it their all. Here is a quick shout out for them, Aca, Nenad, Petar, Milos and Nemanja! Also, I need to give a virtual hug and high five to my colleague Vladeta, who spent the two days with me at the ManageWP booth answering all of the technical questions. This year was particularly fun, because most of our team decided to join us, our software engineers came and chatted to everyone there, Bogdan, Miljan, Andrej and Miljenko thanks for all of the elaborate explanations you provided fellow WordPressers, and one more thank you for Lela ,Bojana and Milica, who sorted out all of the material and accommodation,
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