Managing WordPress Environments with Wordmove In this post I’ll show you my method of pushing and pulling a WordPress install across multiple environments using a great Gem called Wordmove. It’s by far the quickest and easiest method I’ve come across to date and I think more people should know about it. Not so long in the distant past, I used the FTP method to upload new theme files to my staging and production server. I was already using version control so I wasn’t necessarily a fully fledged ‘cowboy coder’. It’s slow and if your client is using rubbish hosting, you can experience time outs. A post about why you shouldn’t be a cowboy coder is coming soon!. Streamline your WordPress workflow I spent hours researching the best way to streamline my WordPress workflow. I came across one method of using Git to automatically push my commits to my staging or production server. I gave it a go but I wasn’t convinced. I didn’t like using Git hooks to push changes to the server automatically when committing. Why? It was a lot of effort. Maybe not for other people, but for me, I was spending so much time signing up to different services,
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