Have you been putting off moving your WordPress blog to a better host because you find the idea of migrating servers so daunting? If so, you are not alone; this is a common concern. Fortunately, as long as you can follow directions, moving your WordPress blog to a new host can be as simple as running through a set of steps. This post will show you, step by step, how to move your WordPress blog without having to buy any expensive plugins. These instructions assume that you simply want to switch hosts and not change your domain name or the URL of your blog in any way. One last note before we begin: if the thought of moving your WordPress blog makes you nervous, consider asking your host if they offer migration services. Many hosts offer this for free or for a nominal fee (especially managed WordPress hosting solutions), and it can be worth the peace of mind knowing that your site is in the hands of someone who has done this before. If migration services aren’t an option, though, don’t fear – just keep reading. 1. Install and activate the Duplicator plugin Duplicator Duplicator is a free WordPress plugin that really simplifies the process of moving your WordPress blog
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