Create a fully featured Support Center within your WordPress environment without any third party software, for completely FREE of cost. No 3rd party support ticketing system required, no external site/api dependency, simply create your own fully featured Support Center within your WordPress environment, and take your support into the next level. What is it? The plugin is to provide support to your users - the users those are taking product or services from you. So the plugin provides a managable communication privately in between you and your that specific user only. Visit the 'Installation' tab for more details on how to use the plugin. Features OnActivation setup Smart templating for nice theme support Smartly designed Support Center Completely Private ticketing Ticket submission with registration Ticket submission with login (Beta Feature) Auto generate user account's username on ticket submission (if chosen) Auto generate user account's password on ticket submission (if chosen) Knowledgebase Knowledgebase content categories Ticket departments Default ticket department 'Support' Make agent from registered users Assign ticket to an agent Change ticket status (Pending, Open, Under
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